RHP Harnessing innovation

Richmond Housing Partnership have a dynamic approach to digital business.

A key part of their vision to be one of the best service providers in the UK. In a sector where customers traditionally have limited options, RHP want to give people the choice, convenience and control to access their services, anytime, anywhere and from any device.

RHP have been one of the earliest movers in mobile and responsive web design, offering web chat as a point of contact for stakeholders and establishing their online portal.

While Halton Housing Trust has a made a visible commitment to establishing a digital first presence with Digital First, RHP leads the way in the UK Housing sector for the numbers of residents engaged and transacting online. They have verified email addresses for  80% of their residents and nearly half their residents are signed up to their online portal.

Internally, too, over 75% of all staff are active on their enterprise social network. This reflects RHP’s focus on putting users at the core of their connected housing strategy, right across the organisation.

RHP have topped the Doplhin Innovation Index for such initiatives, but what is most noteworthy from our perspective is how Richmond Housing Partnership are harnessing the peer-to-peer potential of resident networks to improve performance.

They were the first Housing organisation to create a facility where customers can book their own repairs appointments online – choosing a two hour appointment slot at a time that suits them. 68% of all repairs are now managed in this way, and 98% of payments are made electronically. Additionally, customers can see the work due for their home over the next five years, as well as rating it online in real time.

The key to innovation at RHP lies in how they are harnessing the power of their network. RHP is combining people and technology strategies to create effective, integrated digital business design. From RHPedia, as an information resource for the business, to the light touch and inclusive management with residents at the helm as part of service design, RHP’s work is an illustration of the true nature of transformation using digital business design thinking.

A new website launching this spring will see RHP’s online services get even better, faster and easier to use. Repairs appointments will be able to be booked in a few clicks, and will use technology better geared towards predicting the type of repairs customers may need to book, depending on the time of year, placing those prominently on the site. An e-community will provide customers with a platform to say what they think about important issues and access to a library of ‘how-to’ guides for simple repairs is just one example of the expanded video content for the site.

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