Streamlining. Small is big

Our research highlights the challenges of implementing change at scale.

As Housing consolidates, the Connected Housing research findings and metrics this year show how small organisations are in general finding it easier to adjust to the full cultural ramifications of digital transformation than larger ones.

Effective streamlining using digital business thinking is crucial when organisations are looking to deliver increased value and improved management performance.

Smaller organisation are by nature more nimble and adaptive. Halton, Peaks & Plains, RHP, Origin and several others in the study this year have all ¬†demonstrated the business benefits of scale don’t necessarily apply today. Digital business means that small organisations can have as much impact. Small is the new big.

One organisation that has done well is the Together Group. As part of a process of consolidation, the online functionality and service design developed in the last year by Together Group has enabled the group to make significant gains within the Top 100.

Moving from a federated structure to a more streamlined group, Together have also recognised migrating resident engagement and developing innovative solutions is a continuous process in which data insights and analytics play a key part.

For organisations contemplating mergers and acquisitions looking to streamline this year, working towards lean management methods is key.

And when legacy structures are involved, it will pay to consider how digital business thinking is about streamlining, not just scale, and can pay big dividends.

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