Coherence creates value

Residents see Housing brands from many angles. Peaks & Plains is one organisation designing for that.There’s a marked relationship between brand accessibility, coherence and cost efficient engagement highlighted by the data in this year’s Connected Housing study.

Housing businesses that are more accessible and offer more points of contact having greater levels of spontaneous engagement, which saves costs.

The coherence of the brand and its personality is a key attribute in creating positive perceptions. It involves careful thinking about the narrative and the visual verbal and behavioural aspects of interactive marketing. This is where many Housing organisations struggle to find and articulate an engaging positioning.

In the last year, somewhat worryingly, Housing has fallen further behind consumer oriented and marketing-led business that compete for share of attention in the minds of their residents.

One organisation showing the way forward is Peaks & Plains. In 2015 they’ve risen to No 2 in the Index, in part because the strength of connection made with their audiences around the brand.

With more points of social contact on offer than any other and by offering a consistently engaging brand personality and tone of voice through visual and verbal brand profile, Peaks & Plains is an exemplar of how coherence has created value.


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